Stairing at one piece


Blazer: Betty Collection @ SM Dept. Store
Top: Bazaar
Bottom: Bazaar
Shoes: Primadonna

Was there a time you lose focus in everything you do just because you’re thinking a lot of things then you realized you’re just staring at one piece? Damn! I’m experiencing it these past few days. I don’t know if it’s because of the weather, environment or the elements that surrounds me. I hope this will pass coz this is not health any more. I just need something that will boost myself-esteem or new motivation will do. Oh, I can’t wait for the thing to happen! #excitedmuch. Meanwhile, thanks to my new floral blazer that somehow add some vibrant colors to my wardrobe. Nagiging makulay  naman ako pambinsan (sana lagi2 na lang) #hoping.  I wore this blazer paired with inner silky top, jeggings and royal blue pumps during Snoe Beauty Inc. launching at Abreeza Mall Davao City last June 15, 2014.  They have lots products that you will surely love. Check you my blog post here for more details about their products.

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Snoe Beauty is here in Davao City


Ms. Jen Diaz (CEO/Founder of Snoe Beauty Inc.) and Ms. Kaye Layco (Davao City Franchiser)

Snoe Beauty Store, fronting Watsons

SABStance High Intensity Powder Blush P899
Lippy Cheeky Stain P499
Rouge Deluxe Lipstick P399

What's Up Brow Brow P699
EAU La La Magical Liquid Powder P899

Hair Heros Super Fresh Sage Tea Tree & Peppermint Dry Shampoo P599

Hair Heroes Intense Argan  5-In-1 Cleansing Conditioner P599
Snoe Skin Care Products
Hi Lovelies! Finally! It’s the first Friday of the month again and I’m excited to share with you about new beauty product that you will surely like try. Last month, I was invited to attend the opening of Snoe Beauty Products here in Davao City. To give you a brief background about it, SNOE BEAUTY is a wide line up of cosmetics products that is locally manufacture here in the Philippines. It was established last February 2010 by Ms. Jen Gerodias-Diaz who is the Founder and CEO of Snoe Beauty Inc.  Ms. Jen stated during her talk that she was never a chemist nor a dermatologist. She just have the passion of being a business woman that she enjoys and really loves to do. And that is how Snoe Beauty Inc. was born.

The great news here is they opened their 39th outlet here in Davao City last June 15, 2014. It is located at 2nd floor of Abreeza Mall, fronting Watsons. Thanks to Ms. Kaye Layco who is the Franchiser of Snoe Bueaty Products here in Davao.

As you may notice they have this cool vintage inspired concept, cute, colourful and humorous packaging that will surely catches your attention. (They definitely have brilliant idea for a product name).

To know more about their products, check out their store today at 2nd Floor Abreeza Mall, Davao City or visit their website at and like their FB page here and  follow their instagram  @snoebeautyinc

Loving Magic Beso Balm P299 and
Scrumptious Body Spritz Vanilla Bean & Butterscotch Body Ritual P249

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DIY: Paper Pom-Pom Design


Hi Lovelies, It’s DIY post here! I’m excited to share with you on how to make paper pom-pom design that you can us as a backdrop on your birthdays, weddings, anniversary, and company events or in any occasions that needs to be decorated. This DIY is simple that you can do it together with your friends or kids at home. I will not keep you waiting, so here’s how to make it.

·         Japanese paper about 20”x30” (508mm x 762mm)
·         Twist ties or string to keep them together

·         Scissor

How to do it:

1.       Get 8 sheets of Japanese paper (choose whatever color you like).
2.       Fold the Japanese paper about 1 inch in and out motion.
3.       Fold it in half and find the center.
4.       Cut at least 4 inches of twist ties or string and tie/twist at the center of the Japanese paper so your paper will be secured. You can also make a small loop so you can easily hang them later.
5.       Cut both edge in any style you want. What I did was I cut it like a pyramid style and in curve shape.
6.       Fan out the 2 ends. Do not paste them. Just spread it out.
7.       Carefully separate 1 paper from the other. Just be gentle so you don’t tear them off. What I did here was I separate 4 papers up & 4 paper down to give an illusion of a circle shape.

8.       There you have it! Your own paper pom-pom design. Go and hang them in your room! (^,^)

I hope you like it! Happy crafting everybody!

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#occraft #diy

It's Adventure Time!

Finn and Jake

with co-blogger here "Shoti". Check-out his blog here.

Princess Bubblegum and Finn

Finn and Marceline

Kids wear their favorite Adventure Time shirts.

What time is it? Iiiiiiiiiiit's ADVENTURE TIME! Yup! You read it right! It's not "Ang TV" any more for today's generations. Hahahaha! Moving on, last May 4, 2014 Abreeza Mall, Davao City presented live the main character of Adventure Time (Cartoon Network). Kids were patiently waiting for the characters to come out. When Finn and Jake came out, everybody was shouting and very happy to see them. Then Princess Bubblegum, Marceline and Ice King came out, the cast are complete. They tell us story through singing, dancing and acting. It was a blast! Thanks to Ms. Cheekie Albay & Ms. Karla Singson for the invite. Until our next adventure! (^,^) 

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