DIY Choker: How to Make a Ribbon Choker Necklace?


Tattoo choker is on trend when one of the PBB Season 737 housemate wearing it on screen. But did you know that choker was on trend way backing my high school years. If you have long neck it will look sexy when you wear it. You can purchase it outside your school for as low as 10-12 pesos each. How cool is that?! Well as much as I wanted to wear it again, tattoo choker is not suitable for my age today. (Sa daughter ko pa siguro cool tingnan.)  So I end up making a classy version of mine.


Step 1: Wrap around the ribbon on your neck to get the measure that you desire. Then cut it. I preferred black ribbon to give a bold statement. 
Step 2: Get the charm and hook it with the jump ring. Here I used unicorn charm.
Step 3: Once connected, insert the ribbon inside the hoop with the charm.
Step 4: At the both ends of the ribbon, clam the flat end crimp end bread. 
Step 5: Then connect the flat end crimp end and the lobster claw with a jump ring.

Tadaaaaaah!! !! There you have it, a classy ribbon choker necklace! 

What do you think Lovelies? Do you like it?

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What Job is the highest paid in Mindanao?

0 is a leading online job board presently covering the employment market in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam and Philippines which currently servicing over 230,000 corporate hirers and over 15 million jobseekers in its database. and jobsDB are part of SEEK Asia, which is leading online employment market place in Asia. SEEK Asia covers 7 countries namely Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines. SEEK Asia is the extension of the Australian Securities Exchange listed company called SEEK. The company’s purpose is to help improve people’s lives through a better career with database consist of over 500,000 corporate hirers and over 24 million candidates.

Surprisingly Philippines Country Manager Mr. Philip A. Gioca reported that Mindanao Region salary is now competitive with other regions because of the increasing job opportunities that offered by local companies in the region. The average salary for a fresh graduate in Mindanao is P16, 664, which is higher than the national average of P16, 582 and only edged out by the Provincial Luzon average of P20, 084. Mindanao’s newly employed earn more than their Visayas (P16, 404) and National Capital Region (P15, 538) counterparts.

Did you know that Mindanao’s highest paid fresh graduates are those specializing in Information Technology (I.T.), customer service, and hospitality, earning an average of P22, 529, P19,087 and P19,476. Mindanao’s new IT specialists are only a few pesos shy from the national average, while customer service and hospitality-related specialist earn more than their national, Visayas and even NCR counterparts. Those junior executives specializing in IT, marketing and engineering get top pay and earn more this year compare to their average salaries last year. While Mindanao employees in the supervisory level earn P26, 802 on the average, with those in IT, customer service and engineering topping the list of highest salary earner in the area. The average salaries of the top three supervisory specializations increased this year compared to their averages last year. Finally, engineering, finance and sale managers get the highest salaries in Mindanao. It should be noted that sales managers in Mindanao get paid higher on the average compared to their counterparts in Visayas and Provincial Luzon by 2% and 10%. Call center industry is consistent in offering the most opportunities to fresh graduates, junior executives and supervisors. The retail industry in Mindanao is number one in the most jobs for assistant managers and managers. For fresh graduates, property and real estate is third in the most in-demand jobs list, overtaking manufacturing.

Good news to all fresh graduates, is now a click away. Just download application to your mobile phone you can:

  1. Find you dream job anytime, anywhere.
  2. Find a job closer to your home.
  3. You can do salary matching for better things in life.
  4. You can easily update your resume.
Photo credit to Tere. (^,^)

So fresh graduates what are you waiting for, download today!

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School is over and probably all students are excited to change their daily routine. Long sleep and late wake-up are one of my wishes hoping I could still experience it even if I have an eight hours job.  But I can’t because I’m not a student anymore. I only have weekends to enjoy those things. If I were given a chance to have a full blast summer, I would probably do these 5 things:

1. TAKE A LONG SLEEP to recharge body energy.  Eight hours sleep is enough. Don’t do oversleep or else you will end up lazy all day.

2. GO OUT AND TRAVEL. Plan those travels ahead of time so you can get promo fare flights and save up some money for the escapade your are planning . I would probably go to Vigan to see their historical street, Ilocos to discover the windmill or in Baguio to wear some comfy sweater during summer and dig for cool wag-wag finds.

3. HIT THE BEACH. If you have that summer body ready, this is the perfect time to scream it out to the world. Hit the beach wave with your friends. Try all the amenities that they have. Wear your floral dress at night, have your hair braid and draw some cool henna tattoo at your hand, neck or back. Then chill and sip some cold fresh buko  juice shake with your friends while witnessing the sunset.  I’ve been to Boracay with my colleagues last 2013 and it was awesome! Another destination that I would like to visit are Dahican Beach in Mati to try skim boarding, El Nido Palawan to have that instagram moment with your hubby between those majestic islands and Pearl Farm in Samal Island for the VIP feels and family relaxing getaway.

4. LOAD UP SOME SKILLS. Staying at home for three days make me feel bored especially when your internet connection sucks. Samahan pa ng long blackout damn you really get bored. But don’t waste your time. Sabi pa nila “Time is Gold” so better use of your time and plan your day right. So why not load up some skills. Attend some free summer workshop or seminars you wish to join like badminton for sports, hair & makeup workshop for fashion glamour, cooking or baking for some culinary feels, unleash you artistic side by make some DIY or doodle at home. By these ways you will be surprise of what you are capable of.

5. TAKE TIME TO PAMPER YOURSELF. Sometimes we forget this especially for those who are working mom like me who works eight hours a day. We don’t like to look haggard right? So when payday comes make sure your set aside money for your nail grooming, hair treatment, foot & body massage or facial treatment. By this way you will be able to treat yourself for a job well done.

Since school is over as I mentioned a while ago, I would like to congratulate all the graduates for moving up to the next level and for the moms out there who finally end chaperoned and tutorial sessions with their kids. As a treat to my lovely readers, I will be giving away 2 Gift Certificate worth P500 each and 1 Acne Perfecting Facial set (Acne Perfecting Toner, Whitening Kojic Beauty Bar with Papaya and Clamansi Extract, Depigmenting Cream & Vitamin A Acne Perfecting Cream) by My Skin Origins.

My Skin Origins is a facial and skin care center that offering paraben and hydroquinone free products that offer facial and body service, waxing, glutathione, placenta & collagen injection to achieved young beautiful skin.


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Congratulations to
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Thank you for going girls.
Until my next giveaway contest.

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Sun Life Freedom Celebration with Piolo and Inigo Pascual for Nationwide Caravan in Davao


Celebrating 150 years last 2015, Sun Life Financial is a leading international financial services organization providing a diverse range of protection and wealth products and services to individuals and corporate customers. Sun Life Financial and its partners have operations in a number of marketers worldwide, including Canada, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Bermuda.  As of September 30, 2015, the Sun Life Financial group of companies had total assets under management of $846 billion.

Last January 24-30, 2016, Sun Life of Canada (Philippines), Inc. brings its nationwide caravan “#LiveFreePH Freedom Tour” at Abreeza Mall in Davao City as part of its efforts to rally Filipinos to define and pursue their financial freedom. The event was features a string of activities that will guide participants as they begin their journey towards financial freedom. It includes #LiveFreePH mall booths where they can declare their vision of financial freedom via the “Live Free Freedom Wall”. Through the “Brighter Life Index: Social Sentiment (BLISS),  “they assessed their current situation and share their outlook for the future, and get to help a community in need while at it. There is also a “Sun Celebright” promo for a chance to win a free trip to their chosen destination.

Sun Life advisors are also there to assist those eager to start mapping their journey towards financial freedom, while those interested in becoming a Sun Life financial advisor was also accommodated. There was also a “Freedom Celebration”, which featured musical performance by Sun Life brand ambassadors Piolo and Inigo Pascual. The two leads the movement and give Filipinos a boost as they strive to reach their financial goals.

As Ms. Mylene Lopa (Sun Life Chief Marketing Officer) said, “Sun Life aims to encourage Filipinos to pursue financial freedom and we have over 7,000 advisors nationwide to help them in their journey towards this new kind of freedom.” So what is your definition of financial freedom? What can you do to achieve it? And when can you finally live free? 

Visit Sun Life today!

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White Galore at Davao Blog Awards 2015


Together w/ Mommy Davao Bloggers (^,^)

#LGRP Shine, Clea, Jexx, Olive & Clau 
Photo credit to: Davao Bloggers Society
Photo credit to: Davao Bloggers Society
Photo credit to: Davao Bloggers Society
I was wearing off shoulder white top, gray jogger pants and fedora hat last December 12, 2015 for Davao Bloggers White Christmas Party at Park Inn Hotel, Davao City.  It was my first Christmas together with my new found squad #LGRP (Jexx, Clau, Clea & Shine).  We took a lot of silly picture at the photo booth area and had fun playing trivia games. Aside from eating mouthwatering food prepared by our generous sponsors, there are also lots of prizes that were raffled and I’m one of the lucky winners to have a free meal for two at RBG Bar and Grill at Park Inn Hotel, Davao. Oh I can’t wait to try their mouthwatering food again! Weeeeee! And guess what? I was also nominated for Best Lifestyle Blog. Nyahahaha! Thanks for nominating me guyz! It motivates me more to blog. (^,^) To end this post, I would like to congratulate all the nominees & winners of Davao Bloggers Award 2015. Congrats guyz, see you on our next events!

Below is the list of nominees:

Best Personal Blog by Sarah Andres (WINNER) by Chito Joseph de Castro by Leah Alderite de Castro by Kezia Marie Paglicawan Medina

Best Tech Blog by EGB Team c/o Leah Alderite de Castro by Josef Cagas (WINNER) by Robert Villamor

Best Lifestyle Blog by Quimz Renegado by Jexx Hinggo by Clea Gem Banal by Claudine Claire Chua by KLyde Jarabelo by Olivia Carmella Cena by Timothy Walker by Verna Luga (WINNER)

Best Beauty and Fashion Blog by Budget Barbara by Sunshine Espiritu by Farrah Garcia by Jeffrey Ouano Mondia by Emafe Rice (WINNER) by Miel Laquindanum by Rien Bautista by Clarice & Janvie Tiu

Best Blog Design by KLyde Jarabelo by Miel Laquindanum (WINNER) by Renz Bulseco by Jeffrey Ouano Mondia

Thank you to our sponsors:

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